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  Search Engine Spamming... No Way  
How Inktomi Search Engine Reacts to Spamming
Inktomi defines spam as an inappropriate use of Inktomi's search engine involving any effort to deceive the search engine into returning a result that is unrelated to the query or whose position has been artificially inflated in the result set. Inktomi's policies are designed to ensure that the practitioners of spam techniques do not degrade the search user experience in any way.

Some of the common spam practices according to Inktomi are:

i) Embedding deceptive and/or hidden text in the body of web documents (not related to actual content).

ii) Creating Meta data that does not accurately describe the content of web documents.

iii) Fabricating URLs that redirect for no legitimate purpose.

iv) The misuse of third party affiliate or referral programs.

v) Creating web documents with intentionally misleading links.

vi) Cloaking/doorway pages that feed Inktomi crawlers content that is not reflective of the actual page.

vii) Creating inbound links for the sole purpose of boosting the popularity score of the URL (i.e. Link farming or link spamming)

viii) Flooding the search results with machine-generated pages.

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