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Inktomi Serves: Hotbot, Snap, Microsoft Search,, Searchopolis, Anzwers, ICQit, Aol Netfind, and about a dozen smaller engines

How the once mighty have fallen.

With Inktomi's fall from grace as Yahoo's premier search provider, Inktomi's importance on the net is now that of an also ran. Inktomi is not a search engine in its own right, but a dedicated spider and indexing service. It then tailored feeds search results to large search engines like Hotbot, Snap, and Microsofts search MSN.

Inktomi (pronounced INK TUH ME : stands for a crafty Indian Spider) is the result of a couple super geeks at the University of California at Berkeley.

Generally, Inktomi is now used as a backup search when directory results fail. The problem with Inktomi has also been, price vs performance. Inktomi charges search engines on a per search basis with bulk discounts. The economics of Inktomi have never added up for most search engines.

The Inktomi Spider Slurp gives highest priority for keywords in the page title. It also gives a higher priority for keywords in META tags and relevance in page text. It severely penalizes consecutive repetition of keywords in META tags, and for keywords that do not appear on the page. Slurp will reindex your site about once every three weeks (although Slurp can be a bit lethargic at times).

Email response: good to excellent.

Although Inktomi may visit your page, that does not mean the page will end up in either the Hotbot, iWon, or Aol databases. Inktomi serves dozens of private and public intrests with its spider. This site (300 pages) has been totally spidered by Inktomi 4 times and less than a handfull of pages have ever shown up on a search engine. Those pages that were spidered, are surely stored infull on some private database for enternity.

Inktomi now obeys the ROBOTS META tag.
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Slurp/2.0 (;

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Slurp/3.0-AU (;

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