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Infoseek Search Engine
The Infoseek search engine, indexes pages with its spider Sidewinder. It only indexes the pages that you have submitted (it wont traverse or crawl through your site). Infoseek, gives highest priority for keywords in the page title. Shorter title's are better - it gives higher priority for keywords in META tags and occurrence in page text and penalizes for repetition of keywords - even if they are used to help narrow search relevance. Infoseek allows up to a whopping 1,024 characters for keyword tag, and up to 200 characters for description tag.

If META tags are not present, InfoSeek indexes the first 200 words of the page and uses it as the page description. Infoseek will index every major word on the page. A meta tag description line can include up to 200 characters of text. Met tag keywords can include up to 1000 characters of text.

Infoseek is crawler intermittently in 2000. Do submit your pages and hope for the best. Try to submit your pages to the Go directory as well.

Infoseek appears to give a ranking boost to the newest pages. I had a well establish one year old page that I merely refreshed on the server to update the file date and time, then resubmitted, and suddenly my ranking sky rocketed after resubmission.

Try to refresh your files once a month so that your html files are not over 30days old when you submit pages. Infoseek does give a higher priority to newer files. This runs counter to other engines so that you will have to make the call.

Infoseek gives a much higher ranking if you get listed in their Go Guides directory of sites.

Fast Infoseek Facts
Submissions accepted: Monday-Friday, during business hours and prime time USA (6-10pm). Often times left online 24hours during work week.
Submission to searchable: It used to be almost instantly, but now its hit and miss. Usually within a month to two.
Reindexing: Spider visits from weekly to a month. Depends on 'relevance' of site. Usually just a link check every month with quarterly reindexes.
Maximum pages to submit in one day from same domain: 25? (most people agree anything over 25 gets tossed out).
Submit all pages of site: Yes.
Add-URL submission tracking via cookies or other program proof obfuscation? NO, not at all.
Resubmit a page: No more than every 3 months
Find pages without submission: 3-4 months. (this was formerly true in 97-98, but 2000 is here, and as-far-as-I-know, Infoseek does not go trolling for pages any longer.
Indexes other pages found: No. You should submit all pages directly. It will occasionally decide to crawl, but the site must be listed in the Go Directory.
"Referrer Links" used in rankings: Yes. Number of links to a site is NOW relevant since the switch to It is a very minor boost.
Index frames based sites: Yes. Only the those in the FRAMESET file.
Meta tags indexed: Yes.
Index comments: NO.
Infoseek also powers Cnets
Things to Avoid with Infoseek

Repetition of keywords. Even slight repetition can knock your rankings down.
Use of keywords that do not relate to the content of the site. (this is a major league no-no with Infoseek.
Use of fast meta refresh.
Use of colored text on same-color background. (ouch - your are history)
Duplicate pages with different URLs. I've accidentally done this at this site and the page was still added. I only found it by accident - so, I don't know about this one...
Some report, the use of different pages that bridge to the same URL. I have not found this to be true at all.

Sidewinder Data:
InfoSeek Sidewinder/0.9
bot maybe: or,, or anything from the domain (they have added a few recently)
204.162.98.* or 204.162.96.*

As of Jan 10, 1999 there are now spiders from many different ip's.
If you submitted urls via Email, the spider used is:
Address range:, (typical)

URL Check Instant spider:
Mozilla/3.01 (Win95; I) from or or

Email response: good, but they have faded on the support since the move to
Infoseek used to responded to all email and followup response - not true any more. Now days its an automated reply. All-in-all, I've had outstanding luck dealing with Infoseek - very approachable and receptive to feedback and suggestions.

Rankings Priority Rundown:
1. Keyword or phrase appearing in title.
2. Keyword or phrase appearing in the first 200 characters.
3. Keyword or phrase appearing frequently.
4. Page Citations. Number of times page linked on net.
5. Individual keywords appear closer together.
6. Newest pages appear first.

The page meta description will be displayed in search results.
>> If no description available, first 200 characters used.
>> Pages without meta tags, do better under individual keywords, but far worse in related keyword searches.
>> Pages with meta keywords pull almost twice the referrals.
Be careful of using the same color foreground and background. This also effects tables. If you set a background to white, then have a blue background for tables with white text within the tables, you can get rejected for spamming. Infoseek is doing much better in this department, but you need to be aware of this when building a page.
The check url option on the add url page of Infoseek will list any infractions, but you must check back within a couple of days after you submit the site or it will be purged.
Infoseek Met tag Test Results The following page was identical except for the inclusion of meta tags.
Pages used numbers for filenames so as not to influence the results. Pages were submitted within 2minutes of each other, and the order of submission appeared to have no influence on the results. This is for exactly one month.

Aug 30, 1999:
with meta tag keywords : 1207 referrals.
without description : 1005 referrals. (but with meta keywords)
without keywords : 855 referrals. (but with meta description
without meta tags : 665 referrals (no meta tags at all).
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