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  Search Engine Spamming... No Way  
How Google Search Engine Reacts to Spamming

Google takes all spam attempts seriously. The techniques that Google considers as spam are:

i) Hidden text

This means there should not be any text or links that can be seen by search engines but not by visitors to the site.

ii) Stuffing of pages with irrelevant words.

iii) Doorway pages

Generating doorway pages, multiple domains or sub domains with essentially the same content. It is better not to use programs that generate many generic doorway pages.

iv) Tricky redirects.

v) Cloaking

vi) Typo spam/cyber squatting (for example

vii) Identity theft/page jacking.

viii) Participating in link exchanges

It is considered spam if any site is participating in link exchanges for the sole purpose of increasing your ranking in search engines.

ix) Sending automated queries to Google in an attempt to monitor one's site's ranking.

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