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Now that Excite has lost it position on both Aol Netfind and Netscape, Excite finds itself in the position of an also ran. The once power house referral machine of Excite, is no more.

The Excite indexer uses an in-depth indexing algorithm to determine keyword relevance. The spider Architext, traverses the site and indexes the data found on the pages. The indexer attempts to summarize the site by selecting the most relevant sentence for the summary.

Excite re-spiders the page about once every two weeks. Excite also serves as the WebCrawler spider. Excite was created by Architext Software Inc.

Excite does *not* use full META tags. However it has just started using the Meta Description tag as long as there is some keywords in the the tag that are present on the page. The indexer looks for complete, full bodied, punctuated sentences and attempts to determine dominant themes on a site.

It may help to place a sentence with some quotes in it at the very top of your main page. Be as concise as possible at the top of your first page. A good rule of thumb is to take your most important 5-6 keywords and write as short as possible sentence including those keywords and put it at the top of your first page.

Excite is very slow at updating in 2000. It appears all new submissions are being pretty much ignored. Continue to submit the site over-and-over every sixty days.

WebCrawler Spider Crawler and Robot faq.

ArchitextSpider Data:
(full spider)
such as: or any of the following (ip: 198.3.103.*) (ip: 198.3.103.*) (ip: 198.3.103.*) (ip: 198.3.103.*) (ip: 198.3.103.*) (ip: 198.3.103.*) 204.62.245.* 204.62.245.* 198.3.103.* based hosts are in the 204.62.245.* range, and the ones are in the 198.3.103.* range.

Email response: good in 2000. I recently had a problem with Excites redesign and in no time flat they responded and also updated their home page to fix the browser incompatibility.

Rankings Priority Rundown:

keywords appearing in title.
keywords appearing frequently.
keywords that appear in the same order.
length of url. (shorter urls rank much higher).
$$, the more you give them for advertising, the higher your ranking.
Best tips: 
Put a starter paragraph on your main page that includes all your major keywords and a very brief description of the site.
Point countless links back to your main page.
Put up "walls" between your different subjects and submit the main pages from your various sub-sites. Don't make links between subjects or Excite will run it altogether.
Possibly run a CGI program to detect the Excite spider and dynamically remove links that cross boundaries between your subjects. I've had excellent luck using this trick - Excite thinks this site in 4 different sites.
Make single pixel width/height images that are hrefs to your main index page. All of your sub pages get indexed and the Excite spider counts on finding links to your main page to detect the entry point - so fed it what it wants without interfering with your content.
Once you get a decent listing on Excite - don't mess with it! If you fall off the rankings (top 30), then maybe play a bit.
Excite usually tweaks its model/methods the first Monday of every month. However, with the loss of both AOL and Netscape, we expect Excite to make some major changes to its setup.
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